May 10, 2024

Supporting Skilled Temporary Workers: Manitoba's Initiative and Canada's Immigration Vision

Regional economic immigration programs play a crucial role in Canada's sustainable growth, economic stability, and cultural diversity. Recognizing the contributions of skilled temporary workers, Manitoba has taken a proactive step to support individuals under its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Manitoba's Temporary Resident Status Extension: Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, recently announced Manitoba's request approval from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to extend temporary resident status for skilled workers. Specifically, this extension benefits potential nominees identified under Manitoba's Provincial Nominee Program, particularly those with work permits expiring in 2024.

Who Does This Measure Affect? Mainly targeting post-graduation work permit holders within the Manitoba Skilled Worker Provincial Nominee Program Expression of Interest pool, this initiative supports skilled workers currently contributing to Manitoba's economy. These individuals fill essential job vacancies and enrich Manitoba's cultural fabric.

The Temporary Measure in Action: Under this temporary measure, approximately 6,700 skilled workers identified and supported by Manitoba can continue working while their applications for the Provincial Nominee Program are processed. Within a span of two years, eligible foreign nationals are anticipated to receive official nominations from Manitoba, paving the path towards permanent residency.

IRCC's Commitment: IRCC's approval of Manitoba's initiative reflects a broader commitment to stabilizing permanent immigration while reducing the reliance on temporary residency. Although this measure is specific to Manitoba, IRCC remains open to collaborating with other provinces and territories to address labor market needs and transition temporary residents to permanent residency.

Conclusion: Manitoba's initiative to support skilled temporary workers aligns with Canada's overarching goal of fostering sustainable economic growth and cultural diversity through immigration. As efforts continue to stabilize permanent immigration pathways, collaboration between federal and provincial authorities remains crucial in addressing immigration opportunities and challenges nationwide.