About Us

We are a recruitment agency driven by our passion in gapping the bridge between Canadian employers and foreign employment seekers.

Our Mission

To utilize our knowledge and expertise in assisting Canadian employers and international workers come together

Ultimately, we want to bridge the gap between labour demands and candidates with high-value skills in order to foster economic and employment opportunities in Canada.


455 positions filled to date and counting!

Team per location

With active teams serving each location, your needs are met with one of the shortest turnaround amongst other recruitment agencies.


89 companies helped with filling their long-standing vacancies!

Our People

You're in capable hands!

Our Vision

To improve the Canadian economy step by step, together with Canadian employers and highly-skilled foreign workers

We work towards minimizing gaps in the Canadian labour market with motivated and innovative workers through the highest quality international recruitment while simultaneously protecting the needs of vulnerable foreign workers through all phases of their immigration process.

We are an advocate for the employer, and the employee - and that's what makes us one of a kind!

Our partner

Infinity Law

We partner and consult with knowledgeable immigration and business lawyers at Infinity Law to assist our clients in all stages of their application. Infinity Law is highly experienced with supporting employers in Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs), LMIA-exempt immigration streams, and general corporate matters. They also assist foreign nationals in obtaining work permits and permanent residence status in Canada.

You can find out more here.