Bridging the Gap Between Foreign Workers and Canadian Employers

Our strength lies in connecting top-tier talent with Canadian Employers. This is how we have and continue to steer companies towards their targets, successfully.

Canadian Employers
Foreign Workers

Gain the insights, advice and tools to fill vacancies the right way!

Fill vacancies

We help you find qualified foreign workers, helping to diversify your business and expand your business reach.

Strategic advice

Are you a foreign worker? We provide you with strategic advice you need to get employed in Canada.

Practical tools

Our experienced team can help you with any immigration assistance related to foreign worker recruitment and more.


We optimize the recruitment process for both the employer & the employee

Finding qualified talent doesn't have to come with a hurdle... anymore!

More About Us

We equip businesses and foreign workers with the right advice and tools to bring them together

We are here to pair you with the qualified foreign talent you need to fill those long standing vacancies and labour shortages within your organization. We will: 

  • Make recruitment an easier process across your organization.
  • Provide you with the right candidates, with at least 2 years of commitment through employer-tied work permits
  • Help you with putting together Labour Market Assessment Reports to highlight the positive impact of foreign workers on your organization.

We support experienced talent in finding the ideal employment opportunity amongst various sectors in Canada. Why Canada? 🍁

  • Canada has always been one of the top countries for foreign national employment due to: its reputable education institutions, vast business opportunities, expansive climates, and relaxed lifestyle.
  • As a foreign worker, you can gain skills to improve your employment status upon returning to your home country or you can permanently settle in Canada and contribute your talents to the expanding Canadian labour market.

Being partners with an experienced immigration team, gives us an advantage in helping both of our client groups: Canadian Employers, and foreign workers we help bring to Canada.

  • We support foreign workers with what they need as they navigate Canada's various federal and provincial immigration programs.
  • We provide consulting services to Canadian Employers in order to help them find the right grants, programs, Labour Market Impact Reports, etc.

Featured Client
Success Story

“Ellie and her team at IMM Recruitment provided us with a lot of help, and thanks to them we were able to fill a lot of vacancies in our software development team with top-nodge talent.”

“As a foreign-worker wanting to come to Canada, I was lucky to be referred to the IMM Recruitment group where I found the best advice. Thanks to them, I am now in the process of getting my Canadian Permanent Residency.”

“IMM Recruitment was of big help when we were mapping out our yearly hiring plan. I cannot recommend them enough! They were a blast to work with!”


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