February 7, 2024

Advancing Workplace Equity: Minister O’Regan Introduces Equi’Vision, a Pay Transparency Initiative

Every Canadian deserves a genuine and equitable opportunity for success. Eliminating pay gaps and enhancing representation involves dismantling barriers that hinder marginalized communities in the workplace. To achieve this, understanding the precise nature of these gaps is essential.

In February, Minister of Labour, Seamus O’Regan Jr., unveiled Equi’Vision, a novel website designed to illuminate the obstacles to equity faced by women, Indigenous, people with disabilities, and members of visible minorities in federally regulated private sector industries. Equi’Vision offers user-friendly, easily comparable data on workforce representation rates and pay gaps for the four designated groups recognized under the Employment Equity Act. Remarkably, Canada now leads the way by becoming the first country to make this level of information publicly accessible.

Employers with 100 or more employees submit Equi’Vision data as part of their annual reporting to the Labour Program under the Employment Equity Act. Notably, individual employee information, including salary details, remains confidential and undisclosed.

Access to accurate information is fundamental for informed decision-making. The public availability of this data through Equi’Vision aims to spotlight persistent issues in Canadian workplaces contributing to pay gaps and hindered representation. By doing so, the government hopes to encourage businesses to take proactive measures.

Effectively reducing pay gaps and enhancing representation requires collaboration among all stakeholders—businesses, workers, and government. Together, they can foster safe and inclusive workplaces, allowing every worker to thrive. This collaborative effort not only benefits the workforce but also contributes to a stronger economy and a better Canada for all its citizens.