Amar Bajwa

Agent (Victoria)

English, Punjabi
Victoria, BC, Canada

Amar Bajwa holds a Master of Arts, in Professional & International Communications degree, and has worked with international recruitment firms that help businesses recruit and hire top-level international talent. He has worked with small to global businesses to assist them in achieving their talent goals. Amar has a wealth of global experience and networks in countries around the world.

Amar is also a sought after Senior Political Advisor. He has served as a Senior Advisor in cultural relations to the Prime Minister, Premier, and government officials for the past decade. In this role he served as a political strategist, to promote the election of his candidates. His role involves planning campaign strategies, coordinating campaign staffers, and arranging events to publicize his candidates. Amar has achieved countless victories for his candidates and has gained a winning reputation as a result.

Amar is a specialist when it comes to Stakeholder Relations and Business Development. In his professional tenure working with public universities and government he has created academic, private, and public partnerships. He is diplomatic and has comprehensive knowledge in international relations, all which lends itself to his ability to bring organizations together. In his roles he has successfully completed international agreements between Canada and Asia by creating bilateral programs that meet the needs of the modern economy and the labour market.

His personal ambition is to create a foundation around education and impoverished communities in Asia. His extensive travel history has allowed him to work with international stakeholders and has given him a competitive advantage when dealing with businesses from different backgrounds and cultures.